We have been in the do-it-yourself fencing business since 1984 and
have found that the most effective and long lasting solution to deer damage is to use our high strength nylon mesh to fence them out. 
Our deer fence is strong (700lb break strength), durable (UV stabilized) and nearly invisible from any reasonable viewing distance.
The only effective way to keep deer away from your garden and landscaping is to fence them out. Home remedies like hanging soap from trees or spreading pet odors around don’t work and are just as silly as they sound. Cheap netting from the big box stores quickly breaks and soon becomes a tangled mess.  Sprays are generally ineffective and have to be reapplied every time it rains. High quality deer fence is the only effective solution.

Helping people since 1984

There is only one effective solution

Professional grade Deer Fence for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

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